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Father's involvement during the gestation / O envolvimento paterno durante a gesta o

Keywords: Father's involvement , gestation , fatherhood

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The gestational period requires a series of adaptations from the father's side, who needs to prepare himself for the new role he will assume vis-à-vis the baby and his/her new family. The present study aimed at investigating father's involvement during the third trimester of gestation. Thirty-five fathers, aged 21 to 40, who were expecting their first child, took part in the study. The fathers were interviewed individually and their answers were examined through content analysis. Results indicated that many fathers were involved in different ways during their partner's pregnancy, being emotionally connected with the baby and their partner. However, some fathers still found difficulties concerning involvement with their child, seeming not to perceive him/her as real and showing low emotional connection with pregnancy. These data point to signs of change concerning fatherhood during pregnancy, which is increasingly less restricted to the feminine domain.


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