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MedUNAB  2005 

What to do in primary attention of woman in menopause and climacteric?

Keywords: Menopause , Climacteric , Primary attention , Cardiovascular risk.

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Climacteric is a very important epoch in the woman’slife, is the period of life that is after the reproductive period. Climacteric takes in itself the menopause that is the last menstruation, a totally physiological and natural event, which unfortunately has been used as tool to margin the woman. The health attention during climacteric is the time to develop campaigns and do some actions in order to prevent illnesses and keep healthy. It is a proper instant to encourage women to see in a reflexive way her different habits and lifestyles, value in a critical way the illnesses she has suffered and identify their risk factors, in order to project and plan a posterior healthy life in her next years of adulthood. It is necessary: prevention of the different cardiovascular illnesses, osteoporosis, genital and non-genital cancers. High quality health periodic attention is fundamental, including different activities such as, a healthy nutrition encouragement, stimulation in order to keep physical exercising habits and the capacity to give the tools so the woman can continue being productive in her family and social active


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