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Correlation Of Aspiration Cytology Of Lymph node With Clinical Stage, Dermal And Lymph node Histopathology Of Leprosy

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The present study attempted to correlate, in leprosy, the clinical with dermal and lymphnode histopathologies and aspiration smear cytology from lymphnodes. The last procedure is easy, less traumatic and can be done in the outpatient department. The study revealed overall enlargement of lymphnode in 50% cases of leprosy, being 90.9% in TT: 33.33% in BT: 60% in BB: 83.33% in BL and 88.9% in LL cases. Histopathologies of skin and lymphnode corroborated totally in clinical TT & BT cases but this corroboration decreased as one moved down the spectrum, being 60.7% in BB: 60% in BL and 50% in LL (clinical versus dermal histopathology) and the figures were 66.7% in BB 80% in BL and75% in LL (clinical versus lymphnode histopathology). So it is apparent that towards tuberculoid end, histopathologies of skin and lymphnodes were reflected in clinical diagnosis. Towards lepromatous end, though skin histology sometimes lagged behind, lymphnode histology was more advanced and was often consistent with clinical diagnosis. The aspiration cytology corroborated more consistently with the clinical diagnosis than skin histopathology and almost similar to lymphnode histopathology. Cytology reflected immune status of the patients.


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