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Keywords: Functional Ovarian Cysts , Symptomatology , Polycystic ovaries

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Objective: To study the symptomatology of functional ovariancysts. Study Design: Cross-sectional, observational study. Setting: Outpatient Department of Gynae Unit,Jinnah Hospital, Lahore from June 2003 to December 2003. Material & Methods: All patients attendingGynae outpatient department Jinnah Hospital, Lahore who met the inclusion criteria were selected. Informationregarding age, symptoms like abdominal pain, menstrual cycle pattern, dyspareunia, hirsuitism and obesity weredocumented. Results: During the six months period fifty-seven patients were included in the study, 38 patients(66.66%) of the study population was less than 30 Yrs of age, 26 patients (45.61%) had dysmenorrhoae, 14patients (24.56%) had menorrhagia. No other menstrual irregularities were noted. 11 patients (19.29%)presented with lower abdominal pain. 27 patients (47.36%) had body mass index of greater than 30. Acne wasseen in 20 (35.08%) patients and melasma in 12 (21.05%). Hirsutism was not seen in the study population.Family history of ovarian cysts was reported in 3 patients (5.26%) only. Conclusion: Functional Ovarian Cystsare often asymptomatic and seen in relatively younger age group (less than 30 years). The results of this studyreflected a positive association between functional ovarian cyst and obesity. Although dysmenorrhea was alsoseen in half of the patients of functional ovarian cysts, more studies with larger patients base are required tojudge any association.


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