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Keywords: propofol , pain , clonidine , premedication , verbal rating scale , VRS

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Objective: To assess the potential of oral Clonidine premedication indecreasing patient discomfort during the injection of Propofol. Design: This was a comparative study of 80 ASA class1 and II. Place and Duration of study: This study was carried out at Combined Military Hospital, Kharian. Patients andMethods: This was a study of 80 ASA class 1 and 2 patients of similar age group. Patients selected were from amongstthose undergoing elective gynaecological surgery, specifically Diagnostic Dilatation and Curettage. These patients wereselected by non-probability convenience sampling. The patients were randomly assigned, by means of a random table,to one of the two groups of 40 patients each. Group ‘A’ patients were given oral Clonidine, 300mg two hours beforeinduction of anaesthesia by Propofol injection. Group B’ patients were given 0.01 to 0.02mg/kg plain Lidocaine justbefore Propofol induced anaesthesia. Non-invasive systolic arterial blood pressure (ni-SBP), non-invasive diastolicarterial blood pressure (ni-DBP) and heart rate were recorded in the ward about 120 min [before administration of oralClonidine in group-A] in both groups. Measurements were repeated in the operating theatre before induction ofanaesthesia. Patients in Group-A were given one tablet Catapres [Clonidine, 300mg] with a sip of water, two hoursbefore induction of anaesthesia and they were observed in the Post Anaesthesia Care Unit during this period, whiletheir pulse and blood pressure were monitored. Patients in group-B were not premedicated with Clonidine. They wereinjected 0.01 to 0.02mg/kg injection plain lidocaine, through the injection port of an 18-gauge cannula, as premedicationjust before propofol monitoring was done as for group-A. Before administration of propofol, the patient was requestedto rate immediately any sensation of pain during injection as none (0), mild (1), moderate (2) or severe (3), also calledthe Verbal Rating Scale (VRS). Results: The results showed both groups to have similar pain score, and differenceswere deemed statistically not significant by the analysis. Conclusion: Our results imply that Clonidine makes anexcellent premedication with Propofol for short gynaecological procedures.


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