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Keywords: eclampsia , maternal mortality

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Objective: To evaluate incidence, morbidity andmortality associated with Eclampsia. Design: Prospective study of 98 cases of eclampsia. Setting: departmentof obstetrics and gynaecology unit II Bolan Medical Collage Complex Quetta. Patients: 98 cases were admittedwith eclampsia during two years and six months period from 1st June 2001 to December 2003. Results: Totalno of admissions were 6952. 98 patients presented with eclampsia making a frequency of 1.40%. Of these 98cases of eclampsia 58 % were primigravidas, mean age of eclamptic patients was 34 years. Gestational age atadmission was less than 35 weeks in 80(78.4%) cases. 54(55%) patients had intrapartum eclampsia.64 (66.7%)patients received diazepam and rest received Magnesium sulphate as anticonvulsant. Caesarean section was donein 10 (11.49%) cases rest delivered vaginally. Fetal loss was seen in 72(82.75%) patients, while 7(7.14%) mothersdied of eclampsia. Conclusion: Maternal and perinatal mortality and morbidity is very high in eclempticpatients. Magnesium sulphate is good anticonvulsant, helpful in reducing maternal morbidity and mortalityconsiderably. Good antenatal practices, maternal education and awareness, provision of better health facilitiesand their utilization will definitely improve maternal and fetal outcome.


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