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Discordia, reforma constitucional y Excepción de Inconstitucionalidad

Keywords: Constitution of 1886 , Republican Union , Constitutional Reform of 1910 , Presidential System , Balance of Powers , Exception of Unconstitutionality.

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Colombian constitutional history has been characterized by constitutions formulated by a victorious party and imposed on the defeated. The Constitution of 1886 was no exception. The Nationalist Party, founded by Nú ez, debated and approved a constitution that created the necessary conditions for the oppression and exclusion of the political minority, composed of the Historic Conservative and Liberal parties. This had two important consequences. First, it led to discord and two wars, the closure of the media, and the exile of political leaders. Second, it encouraged the union of the Liberals and Historic Conservatives into a single party, the Republican Union, whose goal was to struggle against the discord created by the 1886 Constitution and the presidencies of people like Miguel Antonio Caro and Rafael Reyes. To do so, it promoted the constitutional reforms of 1910 and the consecration of the Exception of Unconstitutionality.


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