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Technology for Improving Life of Thermal Recovery Well Casing

DOI: 10.3968/j.aped.1925543820130501.1136

Keywords: Casing failure , Thermal recovery wells , Special casing , Cementing , Sand control completion

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In steam injection process, casing is heated by steam, the change of casing temperature produces thermal stresses in the casing, the casing deforms when stresses exceed the yield point of its material. Casing failure is becoming increasingly prominent in thermal recovery wells, which severely restricts the development effect of such reservoirs, improving casing life of thermal recovery well has become a urgent problem to be solved. Through on-site survey and analysis, reasons for casing damage were determined as follows: strength change by high temperature, sand flow over of oil formation, poor cementing, unfavorable heat insulation and bad material for casing. In order to improve casing life, the supporting measures are introduced, the measures include pre-stress cementing technology, using casing head, thermal stress compensator, high-performance insulation tubing, high temperature cement slurry system, FRT110H special casing, and early sand control completion technology. Field application of these measures has gotten better effect in Shengli oilfield in recent years, the damage rate of thermal recovery well has decreased obviously, and this can provide reference for the efficient development of similar reservoirs at home and abroad. Key words: Casing failure; Thermal recovery wells; Special casing; Cementing; Sand control completion


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