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High-voltage (100 V) ChipfilmTM single-crystal silicon LDMOS transistor for integrated driver circuits in flexible displays

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System-in-Foil (SiF) is an emerging field of large-area polymer electronics that employs new materials such as conductive polymers and electrophoretic micro-capsules (E-Ink) along with ultra-thin and thus flexible chips. In flexible displays, the integration of gate and source drivers onto the flexible part increases the yield and enhances the reliability of the system. In this work we propose a high-voltage ChipfilmTM lateral diffused MOS transistor (LDMOS) structure on ultra-thin single-crystalline silicon chips. The fabrication process is compatible with CMOS standard processing. This LDMOS structure proves to be well suited for providing adequately large switching voltages in spite of the thin (<10 μm) substrate. A breakdown voltage of more than 100 volts with drain-to-source saturation current Ids(sat)≈85 μA/μm for N-LDMOS and Ids(sat)≈20 μA/μm for P-LDMOS is predicted through process and device simulations.


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