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Study and Application of New Technology to Increase Drilling Speed of Ultra-Deep Well in Yuanba Area

DOI: 10.3968/j.aped.1925543820130501.1146

Keywords: Ultra-deep well , Gas drilling , Bit optimization , Compound drilling , Drilling ROP

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The geologic condition in Yuanba Area is quite complex.The drilling problems of formation leakage, pressure differential sticking, narrow density windows and other issues are more and more prominent. Drilling efficiency is low with long drilling cycle because of abnormal complex engineering geological characteristics such as thick continental formation, interbeded sand shale, poor drillability, ultra-high pressure in J1z and T3x formation, narrow pressure window. 12 completed wells in Yuanba area are analyzed, the conclusion can be draw that improving drilling efficiency in Yuanba region is quite potential if complexity underlying can be decreased and ROP can be improved. In view of this, the matching drilling technologies and tools are introduced and applied, the result show that optimization technology of casing program, bit optimization, gas drilling technology, compound drilling technology and corresponding new tools has made great success in Yuanba area, the average ROP was increased by 20.25%, drilling period was shortened by 18.33%, and the average complex accident handling time was reduced by 25.40%, which provides a good reference for ultra-deep well drilling. Key words: Ultra-deep well; Gas drilling; Bit optimization; Compound drilling; Drilling ROP


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