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The Research Progress of Oil Sand Separation Technology in China

DOI: 10.3968/j.aped.1925543820120402.893

Keywords: Oil sand , Hot water separation technology , Separation reagent , Tests

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From 2007 to 2008, Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration & Development, Langfang Branch launched oil sand resource exploration and the study of hot water separation technology in Fengcheng area, Northwest of Junggar Basin, and the recoverable oil-sand oil resource is 54.98 million tons with the oil content in 7.1-10%, which is distributed in Cretaceous and Jurassic with the thickness of 80-140 meters, the cover depth of oil sand is 50-90 meters. Combining with the characteristics of the oil sand in this area and based on the research of hot water separation mechanism in oil sand, the hot water separation reagent for the oil sand in this area has been successfully developed, and its separation rate reaches 90%, provided that the concentrations of the agent is 4% and the separation temperature is 85 °C. Based on series of study, the construction of testing site, which is capable of processing 10,000 tons oil sand in this area, is completed, and the on-site separation tests of oil sand are launched with the recovery rate of 90% in normal operation, and the hot water separation technology and equipment research & development are successful. Key words: Oil sand; Hot water separation technology; Separation reagent; Tests


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