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Low Temperature Oxidation Experiments and Kinetics Model of Heavy Oil

DOI: 10.3968/j.aped.1925543820120402.792

Keywords: Air injection , Low temperature oxidation , Kinetics model (70-150 oC)

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Air injection is an effective technique for improved oil recovery. For a typical heavy oil sample, the effects of temperature on the oxidation characteristics were studied by low temperature oxidation (LTO) experiments. Kinetic parameters such as activation energy, frequency factor (pre-exponential factor) and reaction order are determined by using Arrhenius Equation. These parameters provide a theoretical basis for numerical simulation of LTO taking place during air injection in heavy oil reservoirs. The results of LTO experiments show that heavy oil has good low temperature oxidation properties and LTO reaction rate is mainly related to temperature, oxygen partial pressure and properties of crude oil. In the experimental temperature range, the oxidation reaction can effectively consume oxygen and at the same time produce large amount of CO2. Key words: Air injection; Low temperature oxidation; Kinetics model (70-150 oC)


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