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Using Bees Algorithm to Solve the Resource Constrained Project Scheduling Problem in PSPLIB

DOI: 10.5729

Keywords: Bees algorithm , Project scheduling , Resource constraint , RCPSP

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Today, trade globalization caused optimum use of resources to become a vital factor for surviving in the global arena. The same need led to the introduction of concepts such as project, project control and resource constrained project scheduling. In the field of operations research and project management, project scheduling with resource constraints is of great importance. Most of the contributions made to this field can be attributed to two main factors. First, based on different conditions for objective function, characteristics of activities, resources and priority rules, the form of the problem tends to vary too much. Second, this kind of problem is of Np-Hard nature for which researchers are always trying to find new solutions. In this paper, Bees Algorithm is proposed as an approach to solve this kind of problem. Results obtained from deploying this algorithm are compared to those of other algorithms, and it is shown that Bees algorithm is a suitable one to solve RCPSP.


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