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A abordagem da natureza da mente por Descartes e a crítica de Damásio

Keywords: Idea , Metaphysics , Mind , Neuroscience

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The study of mind nature occupies an outstanding place in the agenda of the philosophy investigations, because its approach seems to provide some explanations of the way the human beings can acess the reality data. With the intent of questioning the cartesian mind nature theory from its conception of innate ideas produced ranging from a mathematical instrument which, according to Descartes, is born with the subject. For this, a brief explanation of cartesian method as well as his conception of subject will be show to finally reach the analyses of what Descartes understands as idea. After that, a short analysis of the notion of innate ideas will be performed by us. It will be indicated as the cartesian thought allows supposing questioning of distinction between the body and the mind, the one that the neuroscientist Damasio can′t accept, as well as he doesn′t accept the priority of reason over the sentiment. The mind nature is not metaphysics as it was mentioned by Descartes, while, on the other hand, for Damasio is biological.


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