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ToA Node Distance Estimation Enhancement in MANET Localization Algorithm Based on Cooperative Trilateration

Keywords: LoS/NLoS identification , NLoS mitigation , positioning , ToA , trilateration.

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This paper provides a brief survey of the Time of Arrival (ToA) ranging method often used in the Range-based localization for node distance estimation. It is focused especially on the Non Line-of-Sight (NLoS) channel identification – one of the dominant factors that negative affect the location accuracy. It deals with the improvement of the received signal arrival time determination in the case of NLoS communication with undetected direct path. The low complexity NLoS mitigation method is proposed in this paper that estimates the time of arrival of the missing direct path as a mean of the time delays of reflected paths. This method is implemented in the cooperative positioning algorithm based on the circular trilateration. The IEEE 802.15.4a statistical channel model is used to simulate the mobile node communication.


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