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Performance Investigation of the RBF Localization Algorithm

Keywords: Indoor positioning , localization , rank based fingerprinting , simulations.

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In the present paper the impact of network properties on localization accuracy of Rank Based Fingerprinting algorithm will be investigated. Rank Based Fingerprinting (RBF) will be described in detail together with Nearest Neighbour fingerprinting algorithms. RBF algorithm is a new algorithm and was designed as improvement of standard fingerprinting algorithms. Therefore exhaustive testing needs to be performed. This testing is mainly focused on optimal distribution of APs and its impact on positioning accuracy. Simulations were performed in Matlab environment in three different scenarios. In the first scenario different numbers of APs were implemented in the area to estimate the impact of APs number on the localization accuracy of the Rank Based Fingerprinting algorithm. The second scenario was introduced to evaluate the impact of APs placement in the localization area on the accuracy of the positioning using fingerprinting algorithms. The last scenario was proposed to investigate an impact of the number of heard APs and distribution of the RSS values on the accuracy of the RBF algorithm. Results achieved by the RBF algorithm in the first and second scenarios were compared to commonly used NN and WKNN algorithms.


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