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Multiparameter Symbolic Sensitivity Analysis Enhanced by Nullor Model and Modified Coates Flow Graph

Keywords: Modified Coates flow graph , nullor model , symbolic sensitivity analysis , symbolic transfer functions , transimpedance method.

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In symbolic sensitivity analysis very important role plays the number of additionally generated expressions and in consequence additional number of arithmetical operations. The main drawback of some methods based on the adjoint graph or on the two-graph technique, i.e. the necessity to multiply analyze the corresponding graph, is avoided. Advantages of the method suggested are that, the matrix inversion is not required and the Coates graph is significantly simplified. Simplifications of the method introduced in this paper lead to the significant reduction of the final symbolic expressions without violation of accuracy. This simplification method can be considered as SBG-type and has an important impact on symbolic analysis. A special software tool called "HoneySen" has been developed to implement the suggested method. In the paper, it was shown that the presented method is more effective than the transimpedance method taking the number of arithmetical operations and the circuit insight into consideration. Comparison results for the multiparameter sensitivity calculations of the voltage the transfer function for a fourth-order low pass filter and a second-order high-pass filter are presented.


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