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Implementation of Optical Meanders of the Optical-Fiber DTS System Based on Raman Stimulated Scattering into the Building Processes

Keywords: heat of hydration , concrete , optical-fiber DTS , optical meanders , Raman stimulated scattering , sensory ring

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The Optical fiber DTS (Distribution Temperature Systems) are unique distributed temperature systems using optical fiber as a sensor. These systems are able to measure the temperature along the fiber, in some case they can measure tension as well. For their function they use nonlinear effect in optical fiber (Raman nonlinear effect, Brillouin nonlinear effect). The greatest advantage of this sensor system is just using of the optical fiber (electromagnetic resistance, small size, safety using in inflammable and explosive area, easy installation, etc.). The Optical fiber DTS systems can be used with advantage even in areas, where the using of classic sensors would be problematic. The typical example is monitoring of outflows in pipelines, illegal service connection etc. In some processes it is necessary to know exact temperature (tension) in particular points. There it can appear a problem with resolution of the optical-fiber DTS. This article deals with problems of the optical meanders implementation into the building processes.


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