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Functional module analysis in metabolomics: Chokes

Keywords: Biological , metabolic network , metabolites , enzymes , choke points

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Since recent years the work on biological and metabolic network has been increasing due to the new biological discoveries andessential metabolites. Metabolomics being a burgeoning field, which produces voluminous data that, like other ‘omics’ data, should be seenas a resource that contributes specifically to the former half of an iterative cycle of hypothesis-generating and hypothesis- testing phases. Itis becoming increasingly apparent that our ability to generate large quantities of metabolomics or metabolic profiling data will help to openup many previously inaccessible areas of biology various high-throughput techniques are leading to an explosive growth in the size ofbiological databases and creating the opportunity to revolutionize our understanding of life and disease. Interpretation of these data remains,however, a major scientific challenge. With the study of enzymes and metabolites new pathways can be discovered, which can help in theanalysis of the various process taking place in the organism. In order to identify potential drug targets the concept of choke points was usedto find enzymes which uniquely consume or produce a particular metabolite. Hence the study of these choke are taken into consideration.


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