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Applications of fuzzy multiple attribute decision making method solving by interval numbers

Keywords: Multi-criteria decision making , Grey theory , Fuzzy membership function , Ranking

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This paper is an applied approach to grey relation analysis to select representative criteriaamong a large set of available choices. The method of grey related analysis to solve Fuzzy MultipleAttribute Decision Making (FMADM) problem, using interval fuzzy numbers is considered. The methodstandardizes inputs through norms of interval number vectors. Interval valued indices are used to applymultiplicative operations over interval numbers instead of that In this paper, the method of grey relatedanalysis use the idea of minimizing a distance function. However, grey related analysis reflects a form offuzzification of inputs, and uses different calculations, to include different calculation of norms. Themethod is demonstrated on a practical problem that selection of materials related to the wind turbineblades for decision maker estimates of alternative performance on different scales.


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