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Keywords: Web analytics , Dashboard , website , patterns.

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The main objective is to develop an automated system that would help in analytics the website performance efficiently. Web analytics will register the organizations or the websites & maintain their information. It will also provide the real time information about the number of visitors, visitors from a certain country etc. The software will provide the breakup of the user’s interest in the organization’s website. If the popularity is too low, then it would provide a template having the suggestions to improve the popularity. The main concept here is that a piece of code is placed on your webpage which enables us to analyze and monitor all the visitors to the website at run-time. The system takes as input the users login when he visits the website. Every website is provided with a piece of code and a log space. You put the piece of code on the webpage, and every time the visitor visits the webpage the code sends the valuable information about the visitor back to the log. Web tracker organizes this information into charts and lists to make your analysis easier. Web analytics is the practice of measuring, collecting, analyzing and reporting on Internet data for the purposes of understanding how a web site is used by its audience and how to optimize its usage. The study of visitor, navigation, and traffic patterns to determine the success of a given web site. Web Analytics does not purely focus on the amount of traffic which might only be helpful in evaluating your bandwidth usage and server’s capabilities. Instead it focuses on in-depth comparison of available visitor data, referral data, and site navigation patterns as well as being able to tell us the amount of traffic we receive over any specified period of time. Modern web analytics tools collect vast amounts of information about website visitors; these reporting systems make it difficult to identify trends in data due to the number of reports available. By developing a system that logically presents automated analysis based on trends and patterns, web analytics users will be able to implement improvements to their websites. In order to develop the web analytics dashboard and analysis system, data will be collected by a third party web analytics tool. Research will be undertaken into existing web analytics dashboards used to visualize data. The paper will consider the collection, use and display of data and how these elements can be automated. Major need for developing such a project is to create a general template which can be used by any website owner to check performance of his website. If website is


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