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A Methodology for Selection of Optimum Power Rating of Propulsion Motor of Three Wheeled Electric Vehicle on Indian Drive Cycle (IDC)

Keywords: Indian drive cycle (IDC) , Tractive Force , Tractive power

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Optimum power rating of propulsion motor is an important issue for designing efficient drive train for a three wheeled battery operated electric vehicle application on standard drive cycle like Indian Drive Cycle of Indian urban and suburban areas. This paper deals with proper estimation of power rating of electric motor by root means square technique while considering the limitations of overloading and under loading operation of motor used in electric vehicle along with some specified design parameters, aiming towards better performance than that of a conventional IC engine driven vehicle. Dynamics of three wheeled vehicle is simulated on MATLAB/Simulink environment under a sequence of road grade angle variation in Indian Drive cycle (IDC), which is formulated by Automotive Research Association of India, Pune. Using simulated vehicle dynamics, power rating of the motor is estimated so that it can be operated efficiently and safely throughout the entire Indian drive Cycle.


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