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Determination of aflatoxin M1 levels in raw milk samples in Gilan, Iran

Keywords: Afloatoxin M1 , ELISA , raw milk

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Aflatoxins are cancerogenic compounds produced predominantly by certainstrains of the Aspergillus genus. Contamination of milk and dairy products toaflatoxin M1 is a risk for human health. Afloatoxin M1 is relatively stable duringmilk pasteurization and storage as well as during the preparation of various dairyproducts. In this study, 90 raw milk samples was obtained randomly during theAutumn and Winter of 2011, in Gilan province (Northern Iran). Samples weretested for Aflatoxin M1 (AFM1) contamination by ELISA (Enzyme LinkedImmuno Sorbent Assay) technique. In 56 of the 90 raw milk samples examined(65.55%), the presence of AFM1 was detected in concentrations between 2.1–131ng/l. AFM1 levels in 28 samples (31.11%) were higher than the maximumtolerance limit (50 ng/l) accepted by the European countries. It was concluded thatwidespread occurrence of AFM1 in milk samples were considered to be possiblehazards for public health especially children.


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