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Cloud Computing And Privacy Regulations: An Exploratory Study On Issues And Implications

Keywords: Cloud Computing , Privacy Regulations , Privacy Issues , Security Issues

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Cloud computing is a new paradigm in the world of Information Technology Advancement. Considerable amount of cloud computing technology is already being used and developed in various flavors. Cloud Computing affects people, process and technology of the enterprise. In spite of having benefits with Cloud computing paradigm such as efficiency, flexibility, easy set up and overall reduction in IT cost [22], cloud computing paradigm could raise privacy and confidentiality risks. “Not all types of cloud computing raise the same privacy and confidentiality risks. Some believe that much of the computing activity occurring today entirely on computers owned and controlled locally by users will shift to the cloud in the future”[11]. In Cloud computing, users connect to the CLOUD, which appears as a single entity as opposed to the traditional way of connecting to multiple servers located on company premises. Public Private Partnership these days is a usually adopted pattern of governance to meet thediverse needs of their citizens with confidence and providing quality of these services. Cloud Computing Technology can also act as a facilitator between public and private partnership. In such cases there is a possibility that an external party can be involved in providing Cloud Services having partial control over the data storage, processing and transmission of data and privacy regulations become relevant [20]. Cloud computing has significant implications for the privacy of personal information as well as for the confidentiality of business and governmental information. A survey by EDUCAUSE involving 372 of its member institutions revealed that a great proportion of the respondents with use cases that involved cloud-based services reported that data privacy risks and data security risks were among their top barriers to overcome [22]. A principal goal of this paper is to identify privacy and confidentiality issue that may be of interest and concern to cloud computing participants and users [11]. Thus this paper explores to elicit possible issues and regulations in the area of privacy that affect the implementation of Cloud Computing Technologies.


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