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A Secure Key Transfer Protocol for Group Communication

Keywords: Key Distribution , Forward Secrecy , Backward Secrecy , Message Confidentiality

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Providing security for messages in group communication is more essential and critical nowadays. Ingroup oriented applications such as Video conferencing and entertainment applications, it is necessary tosecure the confidential data in such a way that intruders are not able to modify or transmit the data. Keytransfer protocols fully rely on trusted Key Generation Center (KGC) to compute group key and totransport the group keys to all communication parties in a secured and secret manner. In this paper, anefficient key generation and key transfer protocol has been proposed where KGC can broadcast groupkey information to all group members in a secure way. Hence, only authorized group members will beable to retrieve the secret key and unauthorized members cannot retrieve the secret key. Hence, inorderto maintain the forward and backward secrecy, the group keys are updated whenever a new member joinsor leaves the communication group. The proposed algorithm is more efficient and relies on NP class. Inaddition, the keys are distributed to the group users in a safe and secure way. Moreover, the keygenerated is also very strong since it uses cryptographic techniques which provide efficient computation


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