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Parental age effects on the female fitness traits in drosophila melanogaster

Keywords: D. melanogaster , female fitness traits , female ovariole , fecundity

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The female age including, 2-3 days aged old (young aged), 17-18 days aged old(middle aged) and 31-32 days aged (old aged) mated with virgin male (5-6 days aged old).The results by SPSS software analayzed that in almost all of experimental young aged oldhad significantly level than middle and old age. Fecundity elements, in young age was greaterthan middle and old age, also the female ovariole elements when mated with male young agewas more than middle and old age. This variability suggests that female age effected on themale reproductive performance and female fitness traits. Therefore, the female age specificpossibility occurrence on reproductive access as follows by: young > middle >old aged.


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