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Influence of seasonal variation on antioxidant and total phenol activity of red propolis extracts

Keywords: red propolis , total phenols , free radicals , antioxidant activity

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Recently there has been a growing interest in the discovery of antioxidantsubstances for use in food and medicinal products, as substitutes for syntheticantioxidant substances. Propolis has been the object of pharmacological studiesdue to its biological activity amongst antioxidant properties. In this work, theseasonal influence on antioxidant activity and total phenol content of red propolisethanolic extracts was evaluated, as well as the established correlation betweenthem, the antioxidant capacity being evaluated by different methods (DPPH, H2O2and total antioxidant activity). The results have demonstrated that the red propolisanalyzed possesses antioxidant activity, as demonstrated by the methods used.


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