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Method-Level Code Clone Modification using Refactoring Techniques for Clone Maintenance

Keywords: Code clone , R efactoring , Software mai ntenance

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Researchers focused on activities such as clone maintenance to assisttheprogrammers.Refactoring is awell-known process to improve the maintainability ofthesoftware.Program refactoring is a technique toimprove readability, structure, performance, abstraction, maintainability, or other characteristics bytransforming a program.This paper contributes to a more unifiedapproachforthe phases of clonemaintenance with a focus on clonemodification.Thisapproachuses the refactoring technique for clonemodification.Todetect the clones ‘CloneManager’ tool has been used.Thisapproachisimplementedas anenhancement to the existing tool CloneManager.Theenhancedtool is tested with the open source projectsand the results are compared with theperformance ofother three existing tools.


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