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Scaling Transform Methods For Compressing a 2D Graphical image

Keywords: Scaling fac tors ( compression factors ) , two dimensional scaling transformation , decompression , experimental result

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Transformation is a process of converting the original picture coordinates into a different picturecoordinates either by adding some values with original coordinates(Translations) or Multiplying somevalues with original coordinates(called Linear transformations like rotation,reflection,scaling, andshearing).In this paper,wecompress atwodimensional picture using2D scaling transformation.In theseveral scenarios, the utilization of thistechnique for image compression resulted in comparable or betterperformance, when compared to theDifferentmodes ofimage transformations.In this paperWetried anew code for compressing an 2d gray scale image using scaling transform methods. Matlab concepts areapplied to compress the image.We have plan to applyThe techniques and develop a code for compressinga 3d image.


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