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Dados preliminares sobre a reprodu o de Elanus leucurus (ACCIPITRIDAE) no município de Sete lagoas e Divinópolis - MG

Keywords: Elanus leucurus , reproductive behavior , alimentary habits , description of nests

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The Elanus leucurus is a rural species that happening from Argentina and Chile to North America that frequently benefits with the agricultural progresses. Studies about the reproductive behavior of the Elanus leucurus still has little knowledge in the scientific comunity and the present study aims at to know the habits and behavior of this species at this reproductive time. The work totaled about 460 hours of observations among the beginning of May untill October. The nestling behavior was observed by 60 hours in two diferrent nests in the area of Sete Lagoas and for 48 hours in the area of Divinópolis. The study of the biology and the alimentary ecology of the Elanus leucurus it's very important because little know on the strategies of conservation of the species and your biota, presenting an immense value for the control of diseases in the fields and neotropical savannahs.


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