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Tropicultura  2007 

Influence de la fumure azotée et du rythme d'exploitation sur la production de matière sèche et la valeur alimentaire de Andropogon gayanus Kunth au Burkina Faso

Keywords: Andropogon gayanus Kunth , Nitrogen fertilization , Harvesting intervals , Biomass production , Nutritional value , Burkina Faso

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Influence of Nitrogen Fertilization and Management Practices on Dry Matter Production and Nutritional Value on Andropogon gayanus Kunth in Burkina Faso. The influence of nitrogen fertilization and harvesting practices on biomass production, chemical composition and nutritional value were studied on Andropogon gayanus Kunth forages set in Sudanese agroclimatic zone of Burkina Faso. The first year was spent to establish an adequate plant population, by transplantation of Andropogon gayanus stumps; then, four nitrogen doses were applied on experimental blocs during the second year: a) 0 N-units/ha (0 kilos of urea/ha) as Control, b) 18.5 N-units/ha (40 kilos of urea/ha), c) 37 N-units/ha (80 kilos of urea/ha) and d) 76 N-units/ha (150 kilos of urea/ha). Also, three harvesting intervals were applied as follows: harvesting i) every 30 days, ii) 40 days and iii) once at ear emergence. Each factor combination was repeated 4 times. Results indicated that treatment 67 N-u/ha combined with harvesting once at ear emergence led to the higher total dry matter (DM) production (7.6 tons DM/ha), while harvesting every 30 days showed the best expression of nitrogen fertilization effects. This harvesting interval (30 days), associated with moderate nitrogen fertilization dose (37 N-units/ha) gave an excellent forage containing 90 g DNM/kg DM, 0.81 French Feed Unit for Milk Cropping Andropogon gayanus Kunth under moderate fertilization doses and using adequate harvesting practice seems to be a suitable alternative to provide enough quantity of good quality forage.


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