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Gene frequencies of caprine alpha S1 casein polymorphism in Montenegrian Balkan goat breed

DOI: 10.2298/avb0906613m

Keywords: allele , alpha S1 - casein , Balkan goat , frequency , polymorphism

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The alleles and genotypes at the locus αS1 - casein were determined for 98 goats of domestic Balkan goat breed from Montenegro distributed in two flocks. The occurrence of two alleles (A and F) and three genotype forms (AA, AF and FF) were discovered by using the method of sequencing of cDNA and part of genomic DNA of αS1 casein. High domination of the strong A allele (0.629) in comparison with the 'weak' F allele with a frequency of 0.371 was obtained in this study. The knowledge of distribution on allelic variants at the locus αS1 - casein in the population of Balkan goats will contribute to a better valorization and improving of this breed and the preservation of its genetic variability.


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