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The Right to Interpretation and Translation in Criminal Proceedings. The Exigencies Imposed by the European Union. National Standards

Keywords: right to translation , right to interpretation , criminal proceedings in Romania

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In the present study we have analysed the right to interpretation and translation in criminal proceedings in accordance with the European Union and national regulations in the matter. From this point of view, we took into consideration EU Directives and the Romanian legal framework in criminal procedural matters (norms provided by the Criminal Procedure Code in force and provisions of the new Criminal Procedure Code). We are going to approach the present topic from a legislative perspective and also in relation to special literature in the matter and jurisprudence solutions. In the special literature from Romania, as far as we know, this topic was not studied before, the present study being one of the first attempts to analyse the national legislation comparing it to the European standards in this matter. We are going to separately analyse the right to interpretation and the right to translation in criminal proceedings. As it will be observed, there are relevant differences among the existing procedural rights and the minimum standards from this field, the presentation of this differences representing an aspect of novelty for the researchers, especially from the perspective of the fact


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