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Methodology of the Investigation of the Crime of Pimping

Keywords: forensic science , hearing , forensic activity

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In the context of poverty and economic instability, of unemployment affecting more and more people, there are certain apparently legal situations/temptations, which, if given in to, may lead to quick gains without hard work. The immediate result is an endangerment of public morals and of social life relationships. My intention is to present the investigation of the crime of pimping which is most often related to the crime of prostitution and human trafficking, through an interdisciplinary approach to criminal law and forensic science. I considered it useful to briefly present in the first part of the article the constitutive elements of the offence, as this is an article addressing international readership, and thus provide the opportunity of becoming acquainted with the Romanian legislation. The aim of the research is on the one hand to show the differences in the regulation of the pimping crime, in light of the Romanian Criminal Code now in force (February 2013) and according to the new Romanian Criminal Code, and on the other hand to highlight the features of the forensic investigation of this offence, which is often complex and difficult, because of the expanding of the investigation from an offence of pimping at first to prostitution and transnational human trafficking networks. The presentation of the topic by analyzing the existing legislation, by relevant observations regarding the new regulations, by exemplifying the investigative work through cases from judicial practice, gives an original perspective on the subject, brings new elements and a critical approach in the context of the dynamics of the legislation.


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