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Laticifer systems in Mandevilla illustris and M. velutina apocynaceae

DOI: 10.5586/asbp.1997.035

Keywords: Non-articulated laticifer , Mandevilla , Apocynaceae

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Two Apocynaceae species from savanna (Cerrado) area of Sao Paulo State, Brazil were studied. In both Mandevilla species examined, the laticifer systems are of non-articulated branched type, characteristic of the family. In vegetative organs reported was the occurrence of a primary laticifer system of which the cells were differentiated in the embryo. However, additional laticifer cells were always produced during the growth of the shoot apex. A secondary laticiferous system produced by the cells of vascular cambium was identified in the tuberous root and in the stem. A proposed discussion on this apparently unique record in Apocynaceae was arisen to evaluate the main distinction between articulated and non-articulated laticifers.


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