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How really extensive is the original material of Juncus kochii (Juncaceae)? - A taxonomic and nomenclatural revision

DOI: 10.5586/asbp.2008.041

Keywords: bulbous rush , Juncaceae , Juncus bulbosus , Juncus bulbosus subsp. kochii , Juncus kochii , Juncus welwitschii , nomenclature , original material , typification

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The identity of the original material of Juncus kochii F. W. Schultz (Juncaceae) is discussed. The taxon at present is best regarded as Juncus bulbosus L. subsp. kochii (F. W. Schultz) Reichg. The relevant literature (protologue and references therein) was searched and details of all original elements were compiled. Nomenclatural and taxonomic remarks are given. Juncus welwitschii Hochst. ex Steud. is here excluded as a synonym of Juncus bulbosus subsp. kochii.


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