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Keywords: Idiopathic sudden hearing loss , sudden hearing loss , sensori-neural

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Objective: The purpose of this study is to present our patients with ISSHL and to assess the shape of the audiogram and the recovery incidence of the patients.Methods: 28 patients who were referred to our clinic under diagnosis as idiopathic sudden sensorineural hearing loss during two years (between 2004 - 2006) were included in the study. Routine audiological evaluation was performed to all patients. Shape of initial audiograms was classified in 3 groups: (1) flat audiogram; (2) upsloping audiogram; (3) downsloping audiogram. Differences in PTA and WDS between pre and post-treatment were calculated to assess the recovery of hearing.Results: In this study, recovery rate was high in each of the three groups. There was no difference in the recovery rate between the groups. There was no relation between recovery and early referral to therapy. The groups were very small for statistical analysis.Conclusion: It is necessary to enlarge the study group to compare the effects of the factors on idiophatic sudden sensorineural hearing loss.


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