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The Digital Pre-Operative Planning of Total Hip Arthroplasty

Keywords: digital pre-operative planning , software , x-ray image , hip joint replacement , template

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Pre-operative planning is a very important part of hip arthroplasty (especiallyreimplantation of total hip and hip joint). Conventional pre-operative planning is realizedwith caliper, protractor, plastic transparent templates and x-ray images. This conventionaltemplating technique is time consuming with many errors and impractical. This paperpresents the current applications of computer technology in the field of surgery and preoperativeplanning of total hip implantation. At the present time, orthopaedic surgeons usetransparent template radiographs as part of pre-operative planning in order to gauge thesuitability and correct size of an implant. The newly developed CoXaM software offers asimple solution to the problems by using digital x-ray images and handmade transparentplastic templates. The utilization of developed software has many advantages in thehospital unit (the elimination of storing large inventories of implants, the minimalization oferrors from the magnification of templates and x-ray images, etc.). The proposedmethodology provides the opportunity for comfortable, user-friendly and dimensionallyaccurate computer programming surgical operation. The technique is reliable, costeffective and acceptable to patients and radiographers.


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