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Imaging Method: An Efficient Algorithm for Moving Target Tracking by UWB Radar

Keywords: Moving Target Tracking

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This paper presents the imaging method applied for moving target tracking by amultistatic ultra-wideband radar system. The imaging method consists of such signalprocessing phases as raw radar data pre-processing, background subtraction, the fusion ofthe data obtained by the particular receiving channels of a radar, detection, localizationand the tracking itself. In this paper, the particular phases of the imaging method aredescribed. Firstly, the theoretical base of the particular phases is denoted and then anoverview of the signal processing methods which can be applied within correspondingphase is given. Here, we will also outline that a signal cross-talk, exponential averaging,2D double-stage (N,k) detector, a target gravity center estimation and a low-complexnonlinear two-stage tracking filter can be used within the mentioned radar signalprocessing phases as convenient signal processing methods. The good performance of theimaging method presented in this contribution is illustrated by processing signals obtainedby the ultra-wideband radar for a scenario represented by through wall tracking of a singlemoving target.


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