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Screening of Different Sugarcane Species (Saccharum Officinarum and Saccharum spontaneum) for Red Rot Disease Resistance

Keywords: Sugarcan , red rot , saccharum officinarum , saccharum spontaneum , disease resistance

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Among two different Saccharum species viz; Saccharum officinarum (varieties/ lines Isd 16, Isd 20, Isd 24, Isd 28, BC4 and Saccharum spontaneum (line S 20) were screened against red rot (Colleotrichum falcatum) disease resistance by artificial inoculation following standard plug method. The varieties /lines were graded as various levels of susceptibility and resistance using a standard disease index. Among the varieties/ lines tested Isd 20 and BC4 have shown completely resistant, variety Isd 24, S20 have shown moderately, Isd 16 susceptible and Isd 28 highly susceptible. These varieties/ lines (Isd 20 and BC4) may be utilized as one of the sources of resistance on the breeding programme of sugarcane to red rot disease.


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