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Management  2006 

Pomen managementa na dereguliranem maloprodajnem trgu elektri ne energije v Sloveniji = The Importance of Management in the Deregulated Retail Electricity Distribution Market in Slovenia

Keywords: electricity market , management , market structure , productivity , demand , factor analysis

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This paper underlines the importance of management in the deregulated retail electricity distribution market, entrepreneurship and business behaviours toward consumers’ satisfaction with quality of services. The coefficients of concentration indicate a high concentration of electricity suppliers and users in the deregulated electricity retail market for industry. The production function reveals the importance of education and electricity infrastructure, and to a lesser extent of capital intensity, in labour productivity growth in the retail electricity distribution enterprise. Electricity demand in industry is determined positively by real income growth and negatively by real electricity price increases. Multivariate factor analysis confirms two main common components of efficient retail electricity supply and satisfaction of consumers in industry. In the first group of factors of efficient retail electricity supply the highest weights are for consumption, quality of services, expenses and advice. In the second group of factors of consumers’ satisfaction the highest weights are for response, needs, reliability and personnel. The impacts of changes in the dynamics of competition in the deregulated retail electricity market on management and organisational behaviours are found significant for quality of services, marketing and marketing strategies, supply-chain and customer relationship management.


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