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The Jasov cave lithostratigraphy and tectonics

Keywords: the Slovak karst area , silica nappe , the fluviokarst Jasov cave - lithology , strati- graphy , tectonics

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The Jasov cave is located nearby the municipality of Jasov on the north-east edge of the Slovak karst area. Research of the cave brought a great deal of new knowledge about its geological conditions. The system of the Jasov cave, open to the public, is developed in the morphologically significant Jasov rock which is formed by a tectonic unit of silicicum. Silicicum is composed of carbonates of the middle trias of the silica nappe. The fluviokarst cave was formed only in the group of series of the steinalm limestones and dolomites and its formation and development is significantly overdisposed due to fault tectonics.


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