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Erken Cumhuriyet D neminde K kten Modernle menin Bir G stergesi Olarak ‘Musiki nk lab ’//// The Music Revolution as Signs of Radical Modernization in the Early Turkish Republic

Keywords: Music Revolution , Westernization , Atatürk , Traditional Turkish Music

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The main ideal of Turkish Revolution is to modernize of state and society in the period of Atatürk. The whole means of westernization and civilization methods were implemented by the Turkish political elite in order to achive that main target. Music revolution should be evaluated in the different position; because of the thoughts of Revolution s leaders. While lagislating modern laws, Atatürk and other Republican s pioneers had valued to Music Revolution in a peculiar stuation and aimed to make society accostemed to the polyphonic music of west. Although the argument about the music reform had become since the establishment of the republic, the main reform tried to be performed as banning of Traditional Turkish Music in the radio, in 1934. That prohibition continued about only twenty months. This otoritative approche ought to be thought prominant example as the signs of modernizer and reformer identity of the early republican s ideology.


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