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Importance Of Aflatoxins In Scientific Sector

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Aflatoxins are thefamily of mycotoxins that are related by the presenceof bisfurancoumarin compounds. They areprobably the best know and most intensively researched mycotoxinsin the world. They are named so because they were first isolated from thefungus Aspergillus flavus.Recent research has found out thar under specificconditions some strains of Aspergillus oryzae and Aspergillus parasiticus also have the ability to produce toxins. Theyare designated as B and G series because of their fluorescegreen yellow.The syndrome resulting from theingestion of aflatoxin through mold contaminated foodor feed is referred to as aflatoxicosis. The best wayto present aflatoxicosis is to present the infectionof the feed by Aspergillus. High CO2 levels alongwith decreased humidity have been shown to decrease aflatoxinlevels. The most effective and practical method of detoxification ofcontaminated food is ammoniation. This can kill up to99% of mold growth. A properdetoxification process must be technically and economically viable and mustmeet the following criteria.


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