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Pick Cubes for Object Picking in VR World

Keywords: Virtual Reality , Object Picking , bounding box , pick cube , Pick distance

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In this paper, we proposed an algorithm which performs object picking in Virtualreality world using cubes. As ‘Picking’ is an essential interaction technique in graphics applications,Object Picking is performed in VR world using a 3D mouse or an interactive glove to explore andinteract with any of the objects. In this paper, cube is used to represent the intersection point of the raycoming from the user input and the object to be picked. By intersecting the objects in the scene with theray with a pick cube at the intersection point, it is determined which one is picked. An object is selectedwhen this pick cube intersects the object’s bounding box. In this paper, object picking is typicallyperformed by bounding box checks, taking the position of the pick cube and the objects in account so thatthe algorithm is made simpler and the computation time of the algorithm is also reduced. Pick cube canbe activated to perform more actions during interactions than other shapes. So the efficiency and theperformance of the picking process will be increased which helps the user to play in the virtual worldwith full enthusiasm.


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