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Prodrugs For Transdermal Drug Delivery

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Transdermal drug delivery has become a vital interest because of it offers some unique advantages over the traditional drug delivery. Skin provides a large, accessible surface area in addition to avoiding the hepatic first-pass effect and chemical degradation in the gastrointestinal tract 1 .Transdermal delivery can only be feasible if the drug moieties can penetrate the skin and reach the circulatory system in sufficient quantity for its therapeutic effect. But stratum corneum (SC), the outermost layer of skin possesses a multilamellar lipidic structure punctuated by proteinaceous corneocytes 2 . Very few drugs can compromise the formidable barrier. In order to increase the range of drugs available for transdermal delivery number of chemical and physical enhancement techniques has been attempted 3 . The prodrug approach is one of these. It involves structural modification of a molecule to endow it with tailor made physicochemical parameters, to increase its acceptability to the skin.


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