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Contourlet Transform Based Watermarking for Colour Images

Keywords: Contourlet Transform (CT) , Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) , Singular Value Decomposition (SVD)

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This paper presents a contourlet transform based watermarking scheme for colour images. It also makes use of discrete cosine transform and singular value decomposition. Discrete cosine transform is appliedon three colour components (Y, Cb and Cr), obtained from the colour image, to produce DCT coefficients. These coefficients are decomposed into directional subbands using 2- level contourlet transform. The watermark is also decomposed using contourlet transform. The fourth directional subbands of cover image and watermark as well are further subjected to Laplacian pyramid decomposition. As a result, the low pass subbands are obtained. The singular values of lowpass subbandof watermark are embedded into singular values of lowpass subband of cover image. The experimental results reveal that the proposed watermarking scheme is robust against common image processingattacks. The results also demonstrate good imperceptibility.


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