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Results of stress analysis inferred from fault slip data along the Sudetic Marginal Fault (NE part of Bohemian Massif)

Keywords: Bohemian Massif , Fore-Sudetic block , Sudetic block , Sudetic Marginal Fault , Structural geology , Fault-slip data , Stress analysis

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The Sudetic Marginal Fault (SMF) separates the Fore-Sudetic block on the NE and the Sudetic block on the SW of Bohemian Massif. The fault slip data along the SMF yielded two different subhorizontal orientations of the maximum stress axes. The NE–SW oriented compression was computed in the Fore-Sudetic block, while the NNW–SSE compression is recorded in the Sudetic block. The faults are predominantly oriented in the NE–SW as well as in NW–SE direction. The dextral and sinistral sense of movement was depicted. The stress fields have operated most probably since Miocene to present day. The SMF most probably represents a barrier between the two different tectonic stress regimes.


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