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DOI: 10.1107/s1600536808007939

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In the title complex, [Cu(C16H11Cl2NO4)(C3H7NO)] , the CuII atom is coordinated by two O atoms and one N atom from the tridentate ligand L2 {LH2 = (2S)-[2-(3,5-dichloro-2-hydroxybenzylidene)imino]-3-(4-hydroxyphenyl)propionic acid} and one O atom from a dimethylformamide molecule, resulting in a slightly distorted square-planar geometry. The structure forms a one-dimensional chain through weak coordination bonds [Cu...O 3.080 (1), Cu...Cl 3.269 (1) ] and a three-dimensional network through O—H...O and C—H...O hydrogen bonds.


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