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Temperature Control System in Closed House for Broilers Based on ANFIS

DOI: 10.11591/telkomnika.v10i1.656

Keywords: ANFIS , Control , Temperature , Closed House , Broiler

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Indonesia is a tropical country with sufficiently high ambient temperatures on broiler reaches an average daily temperature of 360C (maximum) and 320 C (minimum) data adjusted BMG Bogor. Industry poultry broiler house seeks to maintain a temperature of about 28-300C. Optimal conditions in a closed houseshould be controlled to allow optimal growth of broilers. Therefore, the required control system that is able to maintain optimum environmental conditions inside the house closed. This study aims to design an ANFIS control system for controlling the temperature inside a broiler house (closed house) for broiler. Data is collected at three different periods of the starter period (5 days): 29.50C-30.900C, a period of 25 days is a grower-29.0C 34.20C, and the finisher of 30 days is obtained 33.20C.Data 290C-processed using the approach ANFIS modeling for simulation of temperature control on closed house for broiler. Set point control simulation using the same temperature 290C for starter period (5 days), grower (25 days) and finisher (30 days). The simulation results show the output in a closed house temperature fluctuates around set point the 290C-340C.


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